403 S. Washington St.
Shelby, North Carolina 28150
Some snaps of our dogs, just the way we love them - happy & just dogs
Look, mom, no cavities !
Toutou & Yoko flying to Mars ... Scotty, Beam us UP !
They just cut the top off my head again ! Enough with these pictures !
Ziggy & Lady Bird coming back from a show
Lady Bird & Ziggy as puppies
... who's the boss here !
I'm really tired now, let's take a nap !
Samantha & Simms as pups
Gibbs watching a bird
Molly with Samantha & Simms trailing behind ... wanting MILK
... tearing up a tassel !
Jagger & Bally (aka Bertie)
I'm ready for bed !  Jagger...
Yes I am a pretty girl ! Marcy 12 wks old.
Baby Simms on the patio
Okay fellas, back off ! I know who's boss here.
Pepper -- he wants out at the show